Dreams of Gold 003

Whitebait & TofuThe problem with a film script is that we cannot know characters’ thoughts. Everything is walk and talk, action and dialogue. But thoughts and reflections are central to novels. Note that I have also changed the name Henry Norwich to Lord Coe (a real person). Worried that I may have to clear it with Lord Coe himself – I certainly didn’t want to be sued or have a court order blocking publication – I sent him a copy. Some weeks later he very courteously replied that he had no objection to there being ‘a Lord Coe character’ in the book. Continue reading “Dreams of Gold 003”

Dreams of Gold 002

One reason why a film script is a good way to start a novel is that it requires you to visualise every scene and the movement from one scene to the next. It also requires the script so you know what the dialogue is going to be like. By the end of the film script stage you have created the spine of the story. You can then go back and focus on the descriptive needs, the writing style, and the development and expansion of the scene. The film script is a summary and first draft.

Here is the next scene of my novel both as film script and as prose development. Note that you sometimes will have to work out whose POV is being offered – films can be ambiguous as to whether they are offering the point of view of one of the characters or an impartial God’s-view perspective. Continue reading “Dreams of Gold 002”