Dreams of Gold 001

I’m going to start my blog by talking about an approach to writing a certain kind of novel (one with a lot of action). I stumbled on this approach by accident. Many years ago (around 2008), I thought I would capitalise on the approaching 2012 London Olympics by writing a comic film script. So I wrote the film script – an interesting exercise in itself – and tried to interest someone, anyone, in it. No takers. So two years passed and I realised I was going to miss my moment if I didn’t do something about it. I decided then to turn the film script into a novel. When I started doing this I found that most of the core problems had already been solved. I didn’t need to imagine new scenes. I had already imagined them – and much of the dialogue. I wish this story had a happy ending but it doesn’t. There was as little interest from agents as there were from film companies – so I self-published, got a good few reviews from regular amazon reviewers and sold maybe (and I think I may be exaggerating) about 20 copies. Continue reading “Dreams of Gold 001”