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The Cancers Survivors Guide

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“In my 33 years as a health educator, I have seen very few books on cancer that are so upbeat and so well written.” - Andrew W Saul, Assistant Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine

The Cancer Survivor's Bible

I have been researching cancer since 1994. That’s when my wife, Bernadette was diagnosed. She died a year later. If I knew then what I know now, She might still be alive today. From the moment she was diagnosed I started reading. I read book after book but not one of these books was the book I was looking for. I wanted a book that would wrap its arm round me and say: “Jonathan, this is how it is. This is the whole picture. This is everything you need to know.” Because I couldn’t find that book, I wrote it. I called it The Cancer Survivor’s Bible because this is the whole truth about cancer and all the options available to you. This is your complete and extremely accessible guide to all your options.

This book aims to provide a complete orientation to the subject of cancer for the purpose of informing and arming the cancer patient who needs to make treatment decisions.

  • This book tells you what cancer is;
  • what the diagnostic tools are;
  • what the pros and cons are of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy;
  • how to protect yourself from damage;
  • what the other new mainstream treatments are;
  • why cancer research is failing to come up with cures;
  • what the alternative therapies are that many people are doing - often with great success: the additional diagnostic tests you might want to consider;
  • the detox regimes; the diets, herbs, vitamins, supplements and other approaches that have helped.

This book aims to provide a complete picture of the world of cancer in a thoughtful, rational way.

It recognises that we are all different and will make different choices.

The book also contains stories of over a two dozen people who recovered from their cancers mainly using alternative approaches.

The Cancers Survivors Guide

Reviews and testimonials

“My niece has adrenal cancer and this was invaluable in relation to alternative therapies, heartwarming and positive stories.There is also there is a lot of fantastic information on vitamin supplements and what they do within the body, which is extremely helpful to everyone.” - Sarah Neill, Amazon UK

Cancer Recovery Guide: 15 Alternative and Complementary Strategies for Restoring Health

This is the short overview of the alternative strategies and what they do.

In Europe and the USA we have a 40-50% chance of getting cancer at some time in our lives. So what do you do if you are diagnosed with the disease? The harshness of orthodox treatments (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) are well-known. Their use is widespread, but their results are not impressive. Faced with these options, informed patients are increasingly seeking out alternative or complementary strategies to take control of their own healing. This book provides an overview of them. Jonathan Chamberlain watched his wife suffer and eventually die - both from her cancer and from the direct effects of the orthodox treatments she had undergone. This experience led him on a journey in search of other methods of overcoming cancer. What he discovered stunned him. There are cures out there - dozens of them - many offering very good chances of recovery. In Cancer Recovery Guide Chamberlain presents 15 simple, practical strategies for becoming well again. These strategies are grouped in three families: those relating to the mind and the emotions (did you know stress makes cancers more aggressive?) ; those relating to the health of the whole body (cancer cannot survive in a tissue environment that is truly healthy); and those that focus on directly attacking the cancer tumours. The personal stories cited throughout the book testify to the curative possibilities of the strategies presented.

Cancer? Don't Panic!

Cancer? Don't Panic!

This book was written to help you take control of your cancer journey. “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” -Louis Pasteur. Cancer is one of the major issues of our times. Why is incidence rising so fast and why hasn’t cancer research come up with the cure? And what should we do if we (or someone close to us) are diagnosed? These are issues that author Jonathan Chamberlain confronts.

In this book you will find, 60-plus perceptions, thoughts and insights into cancer and the problems facing the person diagnosed with cancer. “If we make choices without understanding the reasons we are making those choices then we will very likely choose wrongly.”
Based on 20 years of thinking about cancer, this book will help you understand what the issues are and where to find answers. “I have probably thought about cancer every day since my wife was diagnosed. I am sure if we knew then what I know now she would still be alive.”
This book was previously published as Sixty Shades of Cancer and has been expanded.


Reviews and testimonials

“I think Connah and his family are a true inspiration! This family has gone through so much over the last few years and they are not going to give up the fight. The book is extremely well written and I would certainly recommend it! Connah is a true "amazing kid". - Christina Thatcher, Amazon UK 

The Amazing Cancer Kid

This is the incredible (amazing! wonderful!) story of Connah Broom who has lived with 'terminal cancer' for the last seven years.

The doctors couldn't cure him and after two courses of chemotherapy he was sent home. That was seven years ago. At that time he had eleven tumours in his body. The doctors expected him to die but today Connah is not only alive and well, he is robustly healthy.

He loves to dance and play football. But he still has cancer. He still has one tumour. The battle goes on. How did this happen?

How has Connah gone from having eleven tumours to just one?

That's what this book is about. This is also the story of two amazing grandparents, Jim and Debbie. Without their stubborn persistence Connah wouldn't be here today. This book is about the power of love and total commitment in the face of cancer. Every kid, and every parent, should read this book. It is important.

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