Cancer Recovery Guide

"For a book shorter than 200 pages, with big print, Chamberlain's Cancer Recovery Guide packs a lot of discussion on theory and treatment into what may be the best read on alternative therapies for cancer." - John Collin M.D. - Editor, Townsend Letter for Doctors - to see the full review follow this link:

“I have just been blown away by this book. There are so many things in this book that can be started right away. I have read this book and now am rereading it and taking notes. The really GREAT thing to me about the info in this book, is its simplicity. It is VERY readable, yet also very informative. It easily explains the various types of things you can do to fight cancer...This book is very real and down to earth. There are many different cures given, so you can kind of choose your cocktail. I have to thank the author for this wonderful book. [It] is not large, and is easy to comprehensively cover in a weekend.” - Feemeister, Amazon USA

“My niece has adrenal cancer and this was invaluable in relation to alternative therapies, heartwarming and positive stories.There is also there is a lot of fantastic information on vitamin supplements and what they do within the body, which is extremely helpful to everyone.” - Sarah Neill, Amazon UK

“Got this for my friend, beautiful book x” - Indigo Beauchamp, Amazon UK