Dreams of Gold

“I'm not a fan of sports (at all!) so approached this novel with a bit of caution at first, hoping that it wouldn't go into too much athletic detail but thankfully I needn't have worried about that -  this is definitely more of a character driven book that I found myself getting involved in pretty quickly. Despite all the characters (and there are a lot of them) it is never confusing and it is obvious who is who.

Firstly, one of the most appealing aspects of this novel for me was the writing style. The plot flows very well and there's no unnecessary waffle, everything is straight to the point which I liked and is what you would expect in a book of this style. Despite this though, characters are still well developed and you immediately understand their little quirks and character traits. Some of their back stories are very witty and made me want to learn more about them.

This novel is also firmly tongue in cheek and not afraid to poke fun at itself or events in the text. I found myself smiling a lot as I read this book!  I will most certainly be passing it over to my partner to give a go next. It kept me entertained for a pleasant few hours and I would read more by Mr Chamberlain in future.” - Nicola F. Amazon UK

 “The back cover describes [the novel] as P G Wodehouse meets Tom Sharpe with a dash of Spike Milligan. Personally I would say there was a little Douglas Adams and a smidgen of Terry Pratchett in the mix too. However, this sort of analysis really does not do the author credit for producing a highly entertaining little book...It is one thing to write a page or two of witty and entertaining dialogue, but quite another to keep the ideas flowing for the duration of a book. This story is entertaining and amusing throughout, and at times extremely funny. I got through it in a day which reflects both the fact that I enjoyed it so much as well as it being quite short. The characters were eccentric and memorable and anyone who reads this is not going to forget the likes of Anna, Solomon, Yoshi and Toshi and Jeremiah in a hurry. I do hope the author is able to come up with some more good ideas as I would be very happy to read more in this vein.” - Brett H. Amazon UK.

“Someone convinces Lord Coe, chief of the 2012 London Olympics, that what the Games really need is a poet laureate. Unfortunately, the chosen poet creates a major incident at his first public appearance by airing a few unapproved thoughts, and off we go on a very entertaining ride that combines deft comedy with international intrigue. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I picked up  the novel.  What I ended up with was a great read and an author to keep track of...I have to admit, though, that what I liked best about the story was the narrator's tone -- a way of telling a story that made it clear the narrator knows he is telling a story - a fine example of this (peculiarly British?) narrative device. It added a great layer to the story for me. This book may not change your life, but it will definitely change the way you look at the Olympics.. And if Rowan Jones' vision of an Olympics purged of hyper-nationalism sparks a few thoughts in readers' minds, so much the better. Definitely worth checking out.” - Andrew S Rogers, Amazon USA

“A funny take on the 2012 Olympics that does have you in stitches at times. Our youngest 10 had a read and he enjoyed it. Just hope he doesn't want to have one of our pigs in the kitchen like they have in the farmhouse snuggled up to the oven, otherwise we would never be able to cook again. Surely theirs must have been a piglet. But the farm does play a centre part in this funny tale. The characters are all so well described, some you can see as being 'real'. Where ever the writer gets his ideas of the characters well it would be a great place/places to visit. As you could be assured of fun antics I am sure.” - Alessi Lover, Amazon UK

“I don't usually read comedies but the book sounded quirky enough to pique my interest because I *do* like quirky. This book read like a movie to me; one of those ensemble pieces like "Rat Race" except I imagined it more like something they just don't make anymore. As I read, the book visualized in my mind as an old Monty Python or Carry On movie. Not that the theme is old or anything, in fact it is quite modern. There is a gender-bender theme running throughout (even though that is beyond my tastes) one can see just how quirky this story is. Even though the book deals with some "R" rated themes and jokes it is not vulgar. I must say the book is quite funny but will not be to everyone's tastes. It is irreverent and was on the borderline for me. Disregarding the theme already mentioned I found the characters, the farce and the plot, such as it is, highly amusing.” - Nicola Mansfield, Amazon USA

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