Wordjazz for Stevie

"This may be the most moving story you will ever read." - Sunday Telegraph

"It's certainly very powerful indeed, and beautifully written... I really loved the book and found it very warm, moving and inspiring.' - Judith Kendra

" beautiful lyrical and inspired writing.  It made me cry, but did it make me disconsolate and sad? No,  because it's above all a great celebration of the time you had with Stevie and Bern, warts, wounds, travails, distresses and all." - Ron McMillan, author of Between Weathers

"It's beautiful."     - William Shaw, Editor of online literary non-fiction magazine UnMadeUp.Com

“In Wordjazz for Stevie, Chamberlain writes with such brutal honesty that readers can’t avoid a sense of intruding on some intensely private family matters. Yet there’s also a mighty gratitude that he shares so much. The lessons he learned, the conclusions he reached, may help others to face their own big challenges. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never met this author, but reading Wordjazz for Stevie conjures an illusion that I’ve known him for decades. Surely, only a close pal would express so much from deep inside his heart. At times, some readers may need to set aside the book, so powerful are its emotions. But no one should regret reading it – not for a moment.”Cairns Media Magazine

"Wordjazz for Stevie" is a love letter from author Jonathan Chamberlain to his Down Syndrome daughter, Stevie, who lived to the age of eight and taught his parents the true meaning of life, love, happiness, pain. Stevie's short life, wholly dependent on her parents and medical devices for basic biological survival, changed the lives of those who loved her, by making them better human beings.” - Sheabody Butter, Amazon USA

“'A book from the heart....wonderful! Worrdjazz for Stevie' is a profoundly moving account of nine years of the author's life with a Down's syndrome daughter whose medical condition tragically evolves into leaving her brain damaged and far worse off than she was at birth. Tragic as the story is, it flows wonderfully with reflections, insight and humour and a huge amount of pain. It is the story of a transforming event in the author's life, of profound frustrations with the medical profession and how he coped with each unfolding event. Very compelling writing....I couldn't put it down!” - Cole, Amazon UK

“Heart rending but inspiring. The book could perhaps have been called "the gift" because what might have originally been considered a tragedy, the birth of a little downs syndrome daughter whose abilities were drastically reduced following an operation, somehow turned into a blessing, for her parents and ultimately for whole communities. There is terrible heartbreak and pain but pain is only possible where there is great love. Left me in tears, particularly the descriptions of the authors wife's cancer and death because it so closely resembled my own experiences. But tragedy and grief bring their own gifts too.” - Viv Carlson, Amazon UK

“Very heartfelt and sad. I enjoyed it and was moved to tears and numerous occasions. For me it reminded me of how lucky I am and how much I take for granted in terms of my everyday health.” - L.F. Hewitt-Dutton, Amazon UK

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